Petra SloanMain focus of my psychotherapeutic work

My offer is directed at people who are looking for support in a holistic development of their self and their possibilities.

I accompany you in the process of coming to terms with obstacles and blockades.

These can manifest themselves, for example, in fears, depression, anger, a feeling of being alone or cut off or physical discomfort.

This offer also includes people who are affected by an addiction or addictive behaviour.

Accompanying people in existential crises is another focus.

Main focus of my work with children and young people

I accompany children and adolescents who need support in their psychological, emotional or social development or in developing learning skills.

Children and young people experience a safe space with me, in which they can explore both their inner realities and potential avenues for change.

Working basis

Fundamental to my therapeutic orientation is resource-oriented work. The reconnection to the self-healing powers that are available to each person is essential.

My methods

Important elements of my work are:

-Encounter in conversation

-working with the breath and body

-Sandplay therapy according to Dora Kalff

-visualized inner experience in the sense of the imagination

-creative expression and drawing

-Relaxation techniques and meditation

-systemic constellations